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Electronic Cables

  • Elevator Cable

    Conductor : Electrolytic bare copper Conductor of size 24 AWG.

    Insulation : Polyethylene in single and bio colors, pairs colors as per spec G/WIR-06/02

    Individually Pair Sheath : Each pair PVC sheathed with Type- ST-1

    Lying : All 4 pairs parallel lay up in form of flat shape with Galvanized multistrands wires

    Overall Sheathing : Overall PVC Sheathed wit Type ST-1

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    Elevator Cable

  • Copper Shielded Cable

    Internal material : Copper

    Size : 7/0.10 mm (7/42 SWG) to 10 sq mm single core and up to 50 cores

    Conductor : Electrolytic bare copper/ Annealed Tinned copper

    Insulation : PVC or Polyethylene in single and bio colours as per IS:694 and pairs colors as per spec G/WIR-06/02

    Taping : Polyester tape applied helically over the laid up cores/pairs

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    Copper Shielded Cable

  • Switch Board Cable

    Conductor Sizes : 0.4mm, 0.5mm,& 0.60mm

    Conductor : Solid Annealed Tinned Copper

    Insulation : PVC or Polyethylene, colours as per spec G/WIR-06/02

    Laying : All Pairs Laid Up In Form Of Round Shape With Suitable Lay

    Taping : Polyester Tape Applied Helically Over The Laid Up Core

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    Switch Board Cable

  • Automobile Cable

    Conductor : Confirming to JIS-C 3102/IS:8130 electrolytic flexible/Stranded bare copper

    Insulation : Insulated with a special grade of PVC

    Temperatures Property : - 40 Deg C to +120 Deg C

    Sizes : 0.35 sqmm to 100 sq mm conforming relevant specification

    Colors : In a single or in bio colours as per requirement of customer

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    Automobile Cable

  • CAT-5/CAT-6 Cable

    Conductor : Electrolytic Solid bare copper Conductor of size 22/23/24 AWG.

    Insulation : Solid Polyethylene in single and bio colors, pairs colors as per spec G/WIR-06/02

    Lying : All 4 pairs laid up in form of round shape & in CAT-6 laid up with Polyethylene Separator & Polyster

    Overall Sheathing : Overall PVC Sheathed wit Type ST-1

    Packing : Box packing in 100/300 meters

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    CAT-5/CAT-6 Cable

  • Instrumentation Cable

    Material : PVC

    Configuration : Multi-core / multi-pair / multi-quad laid up concentrically or in units.

    Core-Wrap : One or more Plastic Tape with/without numbering on it

    Armouring : Cables can be armoured with galvanized steel wires & strips

    Inner and Outer Sheath : PVC Black/Grey. HR/FRLS PVC Sheathing or Halogen Free

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    Instrumentation Cable

  • Mike Cable

    Sizes Available : 14/36,14/38,14/39,19/40 and 19/42

    Color : Can Manufacture Any Color Code as per the Requirement

    Available Core : Available in Single Core as Well as 2 Core, 3 Core as per Client's Requirement

    Material : Rubberised Pvc

    Thicknesses : As per the Requirements

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    Mike Cable

  • Single Core Flexible Cable

    Grade : IS 694:2010

    Voltage grade : Up to 1100 volts

    BS : 6004/1991 and BS: 6500/1990 also available

    Conductor : Electrolytic Bare Copper

    Insulation : Insulated with a special grade of PVC compound having the property of Fire Retardant

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    Single Core Flexible Cable

  • Spiral Telephone Cable

    Tinsel wire : 2 core to 6 cores

    Copper 2/3 Cores : 0.5 Sqmm to 2.5 Sqmm

    Copper /Tinsel Sizes : Single of double tape tinsel wire/copper conductor

    Insulation : PVC or Polypropylene with different colour coded

    Sheathing : PVC in an extruded form

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    Spiral Telephone Cable

  • Coaxial Cables

    Application : Home, Industrial

    Internal material : Copper

    Insulation : Solid Polyethylene / Foam

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    Coaxial Cables

  • CCTV Cable

    Type : Cctv Camera Cable

    Use : CCTV Use

    Thickness : 1.5-2mm, 2.5-3mm, 3.5-4mm

    Color : Black, White

    Voltage : 12V, 18V

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    CCTV Cable